Monday, October 10, 2016

Hello Drill team fans!
The 2016 season has been an interesting year for the team, and has left us a little more time to “develop” either new riding maneuvers, OR develop new trainees! This year also saw another year for our team in attendance at the Goldwing Road Riders annual national event, “Wing Ding” that was held in Billings Montana. Our last attendance was in Madison Wisconsin back in 2014.

As performances go, we set the bar high enough to show, that “precision Riding” really looks stunning when your whole team pulls off every single turn with accuracy, and not missing a beat!  There is more we are working on, while also trying to learn from all the other drill teams out there, because there so many great examples of showmanship, precision riding, and team work.

Team work is also what we are about and we have many individuals in our ranks that put a lot of work and heart into what we do to keep us moving forward.

This year saw a very busy year, yet again, for our Bicycle motor safety division. Taking over from our previous Business manager, and former president John Waddinton, Carl Scouten,  our Safety/business manager, had what seemed like, an unrelenting list of rides and events to manage along with getting the word out to our list of trusted moto safety crew!   I don’t know how he did it, but he had it all in hand. John Wait’s careful management of our team accounts, and co-effort with business manager means that we can probably buy new shirts for next year if we need em!! J  A big thank you to Mark Redl for managing Team Stores and the team web site.  Thank you to our group of Riding Moto safety Crew, you guys are awesome!! On A side note, we lost the help of one of our Moto Riders this year due to an unrelated traffic accident, but he is OK and thankful he had his gear on. His Bike did not fare so well. We hope he can acquire a new ride because he has been so consistent and dependable with his help all year. Best wishes to Neil’s,

Our newest Recruit, Trainee, Ian McAlpine  (Flag bike) put in a super effort this year, and supported the team as well, helping get things like our Flags to the field and mounted ready to perform. We also are hoping to keep the interest of our newest drill team fan and former BCMDT rider/performer,  Wanda, in our ranks as a trainee because we all know she has drill team heritage and blood running through her veins!

Patrick Frampton was in good form early in the season. (I mean really early) to call us through our first performance at the Local GWRRA Chapter D memorial ride and also helped manage Moto Bicycle Safety as needed, but he managed to “duck out” of the next part the season due to vacation plans, riding across Canada with his Wife Rainie. Well, we can only wish we had gone with them!!

Plans in the works for next year, may include a trip to Grapevine TX to make another showing at the GWRRA National Rally!!

We really appreciate all the support we get from our sponsors, Meg Fitzpatrick Insurance, and  2ndary support from Hole Shot Motor Sports.

The next performance for us will be at the Vancouver Halloween Parade on Oct 16th.

That will officially end our riding for the year, and set us all up for a rest while looking forward to a Christmas Dinner with our Wives, and partners.

Thank you to everyone who came out and watched us, and too all our supporters wherever you are!!

Ohhh and one last thing!! Go Team Gator!!


  1. Always great to play with the BC TEAM

  2. Always great to play with the BC TEAM