The benefits of being a member of the British Columbia Motorcycle Drill Team are many.  A few that come to mind are a wonderful feeling of accomplishment after a successful performance or practice, the friendship and camaraderie that develop through participation, a great opportunity to contribute to communities through participation in parades and demonstrations, a way to enhance the public image of motorcycling as a healthy acceptable form of entertainment, an opportunity to showcase your riding skills and most of all, an unequaled opportunity to take giant steps in the improvement of your riding skills in a fun, safe and controlled environment.
In order to survive and prosper, it is important that we attract new members.  We encourage you to come out and watch us practice or perform and talk to the members.  We are a friendly fun loving group that simply enjoys riding motorcycles.
The British Columbia Motorcycle Drill Team is no different than most other organizations in that you can expect to get out what you put in.  Once again, we welcome you and above all,  HAVE FUN.