Bicycle Moto Safety Division

As a source of income, we offer Bicycle Moto Safety services to organizations like; marathons, bicycle and running races throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Because motorcycles are smaller and more maneuverable than 4 wheeled vehicles, our expertise is called upon.

Our Business Manager, Carl Scouten, works with organizations and motorcyclists to facilitate the necessary support needed to optimize successful and safe events for the people that call upon our services. Race event organizers receive highly skilled motorcycle operators to transport mechanics, race officials and first aid attendants (to name a few) to help with the smooth running of their event.

As you are probably aware, operating a large motorcycle is costly and participating on a drill team takes alot of money. Teammates all pay a monthly dues, but cannot afford to cover all the costs, plus donate their time to practice, ride to and from events and public performances.  Therefore, as a not for profit organization, the team is always looking for ways to help defray these costs.

Please feel free to email our Business Manager, Carl Scouten, to discuss how we can help make your event be more successful and safer.  

Enquire about an estimate for services required to:
Carl Scouten -

Your support is always greatly appreciated.