British Columbia
Motorcycle Drill Team

      (Revised Aug 2018)

The British Columbia Motorcycle Drill Team was formed in the spring of 2003.  The first objective was to put together a short routine to provide a different kind of entertainment for the supporters of the GWRRA Chapter BC - D’s annual rally known as the “GOLD RUN”.   We felt that we could demonstrate to other Gold Wing riders and to the public that extreme slow speed riding and riding in close proximity to one another could be done safely on large touring motorcycles.  A second objective was to improve the image of motorcycling with the general public.  There were no real plans to continue the team past the “GOLD RUN”, 2003.  At the beginning, we were fortunate to have among us, several members of the renowned but disbanded, CANADIAN WINGS DRILL TEAM.  Needless to say, they were most helpful and instrumental in teaching the team the very basics of drill team riding.  Little by little and piece by piece over a full summer of practicing we finally had assembled a routine that we were confident that spectators would enjoy.  We did our presentation at the ‘GOLD RUN” as planned and received much positive feedback.  Even though we had not originally planned to make the precision riding team an ongoing project a funny thing happened along the way.  It seemed that the riders were enjoying the camaraderie that developed and discovered that the skills learned on the team noticeably enhanced the individual riding skills of every team member.  This alone encouraged the members to keep the team alive for at least another year.  The second year was much the same as the first.  A long summer of practices, during which time members honed their skills, were able to raise the level of our performance considerably.  Our fifth year, 2007, was without a doubt, our most successful and gratifying.  Through the hard work of our newly appointed business manager, we were able to attract the interest of a major sponsor.  It was also the first year that we had representation at the annual motorcycle show at the Tradex Centre in Abbotsford.  

Besides performing in British Columbia, the BCMDT has performed in Montana, Nevada, Wisconsin, Texas, Alberta, and Washington with many different venues throughout those locations. We are also lucky to have been included in combined performances with teams like the Gold Angles, (California) and the North West Wings (Washington) and we really do like to think of all those teams out there as brothers in the sport of Precision Motorcycle performing. We also take part in our local communities attending parades, and charity fund raisers when the opportunity presents its self. 
Moving forward through years of riding and performing, we see riders come and riders go due to changes in life, family, career, and health, but we say thank you to all that have helped the team grow and learn.
Success comes in different forms, but to be sure it comes through years of staying together and surviving any and all changes that can happen to a team.
Developing riders to be able to ride “close in” and in “coordination” with other riders is what it’s all about, while still making this sport gratifying, and fun to do. Friendship is gained and respect earned through cooperation, learning and support for each other as team members.