Saturday, July 5, 2014


Christmas Dinner

Was a great end of season dinner for the team and supporters. Great restaurant was enjoyed by all. We are already looking forward to the next riding season and performances. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us! 

See you in the spring!

GWRRA Region J Rally

 Fort Langley, BC

WingDing 2014, Madison Wisconsin

It was fun at Wingding this year and teammates came away with a few accolades.

Rob Ellis                1st in Top Gun Pro 1800                       Video
Mark Redl              1st in Top Gun Pro 1500                       Video
Patrick Frampton 1st in Top Gun Expert  1500                 Video
Dale Regier            3rd in Top Gun Expert 1800                 Video

Rob Ellis                 1st in the Amazing Challenge               Video
Team                       3rd in the Amazing Team Challenge

Carl Scouten          Notable mention;   Did not participate in the Top Gun Competition but was .08 seconds faster than Dale in the Amazing Challenge.                                                              Video 

Check out our Madison Drill Team presentation and note that we also make the odd boo-boo. Its shows that no one is perfect. But, slow speed skill riding is the best place to make mistakes. Practice low speed riding and it will help your high speed riding.

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