Monday, October 18, 2021

Welcome Amarjit Dhadwar to the team

 We are so very excited to have Amarjit Dhadwar join our team this year, even though we have had two years of down time, we have managed to keep most of our riders active riding and staying in touch with the skill set they have all worked hard on to ride well.

Two riders that come to focus for 2021 are Mike Hoonjan and Amarjit Dhadwar.

Both these gentlemen have been practicing with us for at least a year and while they have both made strides toward riding better, Amarjit has really stood out as an excellent rider developing smoother control and focused skills with his time spent practicing. Amarjit is now part of our team as a full participating rider. We look forward to having his smile and bike joining us next year for some performances if we can manage to make a showing somewhere for the public.

Welcome Amerjit, you are a rising star in our ranks.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

New Team Members

It is with great pride that we announce the newest riders to make our performance roster for 2020.
Niels Jensen (GWRRA Chapter A) has been in our training fold for a while now and has recently attained a level of riding proficiency envied by some, to be able to make our team performance roster, and he has done so with Confidence and dedication. Welcome Niels, to your team!!
Russell Anderson has also been in our training portfolio for a little over a year and through his own devotion to practicing, has developed his skill set significantly and profoundly.
Both these gentlemen’s skills have grown to the point of being able to manage a 900lb motorcycle inside 22ft, with confidence (in both directions) and manage fast transitions in “Tight” and “Close” cone patterns that force you to control “momentum” and lean angle in low speeds. This stuff isn’t “intuitive” at first and takes a little courage and commitment to “Dip” that bike down, and inside a slow speed maneuvers.
We welcome these two guys with open arms and can’t wait to put their next level of skill and development on show for the public and our GWRRA members.

In addition to our newest performance riders, we have also attracted the interest of two more “Trainees” into our fold. We want to introduce both Amarjit Dhadwar & Mike Hoonjan. Both of these guys look like they may very well, have the potential to join our group before you know it. They are both showing aptitude and developing skills (fast) so keep your eye open for these two gentlemen riding with us in the near future.
This years Pandemic has really taken a toll on all of us so let’s have confidence that we will get through this and we will succeed.
We are hoping to be able to perform something that looks fun and inspiring for our Motorcycle community (wherever they may be) and the public with our performance next year.

Stay safe everyone.


Sunday, August 11, 2019

BCMDT Showcase demo for the Military Police National Motorcycle Relay. 

The MPNMR raises funds each year towards the Military Police Fund for blind children.

Thank You Kyle Steel for getting us out to meet your riders!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

2018 Awards for Most Valuable Team Player & Bent Kick Stand Award

      MVP award for 2018,   Patrick Frampton

Bent Kick Stand Award, With Pride!!

                       Ian McAlpine